25 February 2009

What Were They Thinking?

This is the graphic of a seasonal sweatshirt I came across in the "local attire/accessories" section of the grocery store a few blocks from my house.

There are several oddities about this sweatshirt. Note first that this winter wonderland sports the odd label "Abilene, TX." (Directly below the snowman.) Never, in my many years in Abilene have I seen a scene remotely close to this. An occasional snowfall, yes. Mounds of the white stuff piling up in drifts?! Uh, no. And are those pine trees and rolling hills??? The only thing anywhere close to accurate is the picturesque church in the background - we've got churches aplenty.

To those of us in Abilene, let's face reality. To those outside, let me tell you what "picturesque" Abilene is like in the winter. Imagine a flat, dusty landscape of dry grass as far as the eye can see, broken only by the occasional barbed wire fence... and I-20. Also, it's the end of February, and while other sections of the nation face wintry weather, our high today was in the mid- to upper-80s. Who is in charge of this seasonal sweatshirt making? Are you mocking us?

The good news, for you Abilenians with a certain kind of humor, is that this rather bizarre sweatshirt is currently 40% off. Need an ideal gag gift for less than $10? This could be the one for you!


mad4books said...

What? Flat and dusty? Abilene? You must live in the wrong neighborhood.

It looks *exactly* like this on my street. (Frosty says "hi.")

The Driskells said...

Love it!

And I don't miss the flat dusty aspect of that town! I do miss my friends but not the landscape!

Amber Joy said...

Do you remember that time we both kept a blog titled "what were they thinking?" and found the best material to post on our own street?!
ahh... That was the life!

Kelli said...

Why, yes, Amber - actually that blog title provided the inspiration for the title of this post. Good times!