23 February 2009


In the last two days, I've had a few "firsts":

1. My first speeding ticket ever. I'm usually conscientious about speed limits, but this weekend as I drove home from my grandparents' house, the combination of needing a potty break and trying to make it to Abilene in time for church got the best of me. I really thought I was out of the city limits of Cross Plains already! Bummer! (I was ten minutes late for church, and did in fact make it to a bathroom despite the stop.)

2. Today I actually found the words, "Please don't dip tobacco in my class," on my lips. Seriously. It really happened. I'm still in shock.

3. Finally, I got my first "rejection" letter from a Ph. D. program today. Oh well. I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple of other schools... and also wondering what my alternatives for next year could be.

Even though this list seems on the negative side, I'm still feeling relatively upbeat. Most days, my life's charmed.


Lisa said...

So... Kel, would you be interested in teaching in a classical school? We are adding another grade (9th), which begins the Rhetoric stage. Latin, Omnibus, Formal Logic, Algebra, etc. Just wondering. I've had you on my heart lately. (Kevin would be in your class.)
However, I really do hope (and expect) that you will receive a bundle of acceptance letters soon.

Tera said...

I know how the rejection letter thing goes, friend. I'll be thinking about you.

(I have not, however, had to ask someone to stop dipping in class--that's crazy!)

Mike and Amy said...

Only in Texas...You should get a spittoon for the entrance of your class :) I love you.