23 May 2008

A Random Sampling

One of my best friends called me yesterday to tell me that she's getting married... next Thursday!! (I think she's crazy.)

* * * * *

I spent last weekend in Austin with my sister and her growing family. I was delighted to be present for one of her ultrasounds. My 2 year-old nephew, Quint, and I listened to the whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of his little brother's heartbeat. I'm not sure Quint really grasped what was happening, but he asked us to imitate the whoosh sound for the rest of the day.

While we were in the doctor's waiting room, Quint and I played at the kids' table in the corner. Here Quint displayed his unique skills and interests: cleaning! First, he pulled all the chairs out from the table, and announced to me, "Quint vavoom!" His imaginary vacuum zipped around the little square of carpet under the table. Once his vacuuming was completed, Quint pushed the chairs back under the table, and decided that something had to be done about the tabletop. He picked up the toy sitting on the table and placed it on top of the small bookshelf nearby, meticulously positioning it in the center of the shelf. He discovered that several books were laying on top of the bookshelf instead of on the shelves with the other books. He put them with the other books. Satisfied, he turned back to the small tabletop and began to wipe it with the palm of his hand. "Are you wiping the table, Quint?" "Yeah." The wiping went on for a while - it's obviously his favorite part.

By this time, Janis had finished paying and came to fetch us. As we turned to go, a woman about halfway through her pregnancy, who had been watching Quint's diligent cleaning "game," said to my sister, "I hope my baby comes out that clean!"

He is so my sister's son.

This week Quint and my sister have called me almost every day. Janis tells me that it's gone something like this: Quint looks forlorn. Janis asks, "What's wrong, Quint?" "KeeKee." "Do you miss Aunt Kelli?" "Yeah." "Well, let's call her!" Awww!!! That's enough to make me want to move to Austin and commute!

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dps said...

Sounds like Austin is lightening up on their "keeping things weird" policy with such a great story here...

Glad you are back!