25 January 2007

Seven Things Meme

Because I appreciate dear Jared so much, I'll participate:

1. Name a book that you want to share so much that you keep giving away copies:

Always We Begin Again, a modern interpretation or meditation on the Benedictine rule by John McQuiston II.

It looks like one of those cheesy little gift books, but don't let appearances fool you. I even give this book away to people who I know don't care about spiritual things because I find it to be wise in a way that transcends religious/areligious barriers. (And it's less than $10.) My poor mother once listened to me read it aloud all the way through. ( I love reading aloud; Mom is so patient with me!)

2. Name a piece of music that changed the way you listen to music:

It's hard to pinpoint exactly, but it was probably "Foolish Love" by Rufus Wainwright (thanks to a mixed cd from Robin Jedlicka). It starts out in slow motion with just a piano and Rufus' slurring vocals for about two minutes. Then there's a sudden change in beat and flavor as new instruments chime in and the song playfully crescendos, and eventually returns the slow motion feel of the beginning of the song. Rufus' musical savvy and poetic imagination create a 5-minute marvel of a song that has altered what I look for in music.

3. Name a film that you can watch again and again without fatigue:

There are many to pick from, but the performances by Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson in Much Ado About Nothing (1993) are among my favorites. They bring this Shakespearean story to life.

Close runners-up: The Emperor's New Groove and Mickey Blue Eyes. I wish I could cite some deeper films, but when it comes to watching a movie "without fatigue," I go for light-hearted.

4. Name a performer for whom you dispend all disbelief:

Hmm... I have a hard time remembering celebrity names. I've already mentioned Branagh and Thompson... maybe Colin Firth?

5. Name a work of art that you'd like to live with:

Nothing famous. Right now I live with prints by two of my friends: "The Joy of Solitude" by Bonnie Buchanan and "Miriam's Song" by Amber Lee. If you haven't seen them, you should come by for a visit! (They belong to my roommate, and I'm glad to live with them while I can.)

6. Name a work of fiction that has penetrated your real life:

Last year it was The Brothers K by David James Duncan. (I get most of my good literature from Tera!) This year... who knows! After my comprehensive exams are over, I might actually get to read something fun!

7. Name a punch line that always makes you laugh:

Me: Did you hear about the butcher who backed into his meat grinder?
You: Uh, no.
Me: He got a little behind in his work! (I laugh hysterically while you roll your eyes.)
Hoo - gets me everytime.

If I must tag someone, I think I'll choose Tera.


Donald Philip Simpson said...

Tears I say... real, joy filled tears!!

A little behind in his work...

You still crack me up... Hope you are doing well my friend...

Lisa said...

Somehow, Kelli, your answers don't surprise me. I read Always We Begin Again a few years ago, and gained a lot from it. And I totally agree with your picks of Art. I have 3 of Amber Lee's prints hanging in my living room (Beautiful!) and I'd love to have one of Bonnie's works. Of course, I got to "live" with "The Joy of Solitude" for a year, and that was nice.

I really like your blog. You are a very good writer, and I always enjoy your insights. Keep the posts coming.

Amber Lee said...

Kelli, it was so good to see you over the break! Nice list. I'm blushing at no. 5 :)