13 December 2006

Wow! My little (well, younger) brother just called me! (Thanks, Russ - I love you too! And I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!!) This happens rarely, so I always feel extra special when it does.

Even when the main reason for the call is to try to set me up with one of our mutual friends back home. For some reason, he's more concerned about my love life (or lack thereof) than I am. Whatever.

Still, I'm very thankful for my "loving little brother's" phone call.

Speaking of phone calls I've received from my brother, here's an excerpt from my favorite one. During my senior year, on a chilly, rainy day in January, I forgot to pick him up from his J. V. wrestling practice. (I've never been the best at remembering scheduling details like that.) He left me the following message on our answering machine. It made me laugh so hard that I listened to it over and over so I could transcript his exact phrases. When I read it, I can still hear his voice speaking the words:

Kelli, this is your loving little brother THAT YOU FORGOT ABOUT. Listen, I'm turning into an icicle. It is cold-and-wet-out-here. [staccato pronunciation of every syllable] You were supposed to be here an hour - 60 minutes - ago! I am very ticked off!!! Get here now! [Slight growl in his commanding voice.] It's cold. (pause) I'm lonely. [Did his voice just crack?] AND I'M REALLY MAD!!!...
That's about half of his lengthy, irrate message. What's really precious is that he was mad because it was Wednesday and my faulty memory made us late for church. Even though I should be over it by now, it still makes me laugh until my cheeks hurt. Especially the emotionally manipulative "I'm lonely" line. Oh, Russ, how I love you!

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Amber Lee said...


I love this post... Oh, what it's like to have a little brother! HA, good one. I'm glad you and Russ have since been on speaking terms...