11 December 2006

I'm supposed to be studying for a final.

But all I feel like doing is buying new music on iTunes.

I finally convinced myself that I don't have money for that, so I closed iTunes and now I'm writing this post.

I'm not the only one using the internet as a crutch to avoid studying - Tera H. even joined Facebook!!

And now I'm wondering why I'm still sitting at home alone when I could be procrastinating with other people. Procrastination en masse is always more fun...


Anonymous said...

We're all procrastinating this time of year...which is why it took me 2 hours to write lesson plans while talking on the phone and watching LOTR2. :) So pick some inspirational music and get busy working!

Anonymous said...

Oh happy Day!! Tera H. is on Facebook... So glad that the two of you have crossed over to the Donald (Dark) side :)

Kelli said...

Oh, Tracy - if only it were that easy for me! You're an inspiration.

DPS - so this is what crossing over feels like... Facebook addiction, writing lengthy drafts of blogs I'll never publish, blowing of last minute studying to play Boggle at Peet's... I could get used to this!

Anonymous said...

This really is the GOOD life!!!!