05 October 2006

This Week's Best One-Liner

Kudos for the best one-liner of the week goes to... (drum roll)... David Todd! (*raucous cheers, virtual high fives*)

The abridged background: in the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of talk about singleness, marriage and life in the church in my social circles. We watched a video in church last week about love - it sort of implied that unless you're married (and happily married at that) you're not a whole person. (And I've been thinking all this time that there is something about self-emptying that's central to the Christian story - how foolish of me!) As we were joking around about this topic in my mentor group, Tera quoted David Todd's response:

Jesus Christ: fully divine, half human

(And I've been laughing about it ever since...)


Amber Lee said...


Don't get me started!!!!! Who writes such material? What is whole? I'm so sad.

Kelli said...

Many people in the contemporary Christian world write such material. (Yeah, don't get me started on that either!)

Good question, Amber - What is whole? And is wholeness actually what following Jesus is all about? Or are our thoughts about wholeness more informed by the "self-actualization" mentality of our culture? I think that wholeness in the Kingdom of God looks very different from the half-baked notion we read about in secular (and Christian) self-help books and hear about in popular "wisdom."