28 September 2006

briefs (no, not that kind!)

Normally, I'm supremely annoyed when our next door neighbor loudly revs up his motorcycle for about 10 minutes around 7:30 in the morning. But this morning, his disturbance of my peaceful slumber gave me just enough time to throw on clothes, make a cup of coffee, and head out the door. (My alarm just went off - apparently it was set for 6:16 pm!) Never thought I'd say it but, "Thanks, neighbor!"


In other news, I gave my Greek students their first test today. Everyone was polite, but there was a lot of sighing during the hour and a half of class. Paranoia sets in - "Is that his thoughtful expression, or did I just detect a glare?" Hurray for adventures in learning not to become completely unglued when people are less than 100% happy with you! (How do professors do this?!)


Kudos to Jared and Donald! After months and months of trying to get Tera to start blogging again, they finally just set up a page for her, complete with their pleas that she take over and fill the site with her thoughts. Over two years ago, Tera began her own blog, posted one incredible reflection (two years down the road I'm still thinking about it!), and then quit because she was afraid she couldn't come up with anything else that good. Tera, in a manner not unlike Gregory of Nazianzus, has resisted all pressure to begin her blog anew. I'm adding my own plea to their eloquent requests! They've articulated the plea very well, so I'll keep it simple: "Please, Tera? Pretty please?????" In hopes you will relent and our dreams might finally be realized, I'll go ahead and add your blog to my links.


Amber Joy said...

Unlike you and your praising of our obnoxious neighbor, I was supremely annoyed. WHY does he drive such a nasty, old, noisy bike? WHY does he leave so early every morning? WHY can I hear it echoing all over the lake for the next 10 miles of road he is undertaking? Argh. I was tempted to go tell him how obnoxious it all was till I decided I would be much more comfortable in my warm, cozy, soft, luscious bed.

Donald Philip Simpson said...

Powerlines and motorcycles!! You all do have the life out at the lake :) You may need to help our new BLOGGING friend with some of her setup.

Tera said...

Amazing church history reference, Kel, I laughed out loud!

Amber Lee said...


I was amused at the story of you handing out your first Greek test. Way to go! It seems like such an honor to give someone else a bit of knowledge you already know yourself. I admire you for sharing your wisdoms with the world. :)

Shellie said...

Kelli, if I were a student and you were one of the offered professors I would take your class. Maybe I wouldnt have to squint to see the pages on the overhead. ;)

Kelli said...

I hear you on the overheads thing, Shellie - I never use them. But of course, if I did, I could just teach all my students the little "telescope fingers" trick. It would at least be amusing to see if they'd give it a try!