02 April 2006

wordless machine

Ever made a little blunder when reading a word? How about two words in a row? Tonight while playing Cranium with some friends, I read a clue to the opposing team: "wordless machine." Yeah - that didn't make much sense to me either, but it wasn't our team's turn, so I figured it was their problem and handed them the card. Joey took the card, glanced at it, and looked up at me as if I should have been held back in the seventh grade for 11 consecutive years. (He was becoming a little competitive by this point.) "It's 'worthless medicine' not 'wordless machine,' Kelli." Oh. Right. Those are completely different words, on both counts. I'll be putting myself in talking time-out now.

On the upside, for the rest of the evening if anyone said or did something stupid, we'd just cite the 'wordless machine' incident, laugh, and the minor blunderer would move on with self-esteem still intact. There's only room for one limping intellect at this party! ;) I've noticed a sad trend in my life - I love playing games, but I become colossally stupid and scatter-brained while playing them. (And everyone makes a silent note not to pick me for their team in the future...) Just doing my part to make others feel competent. Yes, it's quite a sacrifice, but someone has to do it.

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Donald Philip Simpson said...

You all should really play Stone-Campbell Movement Encyclopedia Pictionary sometime, that tends to lower everyone's expectations... ;)