24 March 2006

Hiccups Be Gone

Lunch is always a fun time around our house, especially when everyone happens to be there at the same time. (That's too rare!) Yesterday I was zoning on the couch listening to all the people around me chatter when someone got the hiccups. Suddenly, in a bold move, my roommate Amber claimed to know the absolute cure to hiccups. Amber's not one to make such absolute claims unless she really believes what she's saying, so I listened intently.

"Guaranteed to work everytime," she declared. I could hear her confident smile from my secluded spot in the living room. "First you close your eyes really tight and hold your breath. Now, imagine a huge herd of zebra running through an open field. Focus hard on that image, seeing it as clearly as you can, and your hiccups are sure to go away. It's always worked for me."

By the time Amber finished her ultimate hiccup cure commercial, the hiccups were gone. Coincidence? I don't think so.

There's something about overhearing this silly conversation that makes me love my sweet roommates even more. You never know what quirky, endearing trait or idea will emerge next! Anyone else out there have a creative cure for the hiccups?


Donald Philip Simpson said...

No, I do not have a good Hiccup story, but if you are ever going to sneeze - start saying "cow" over and over again. It seems it is almost impossible to sneeze while saying "cow"... Good to see you last night, hope you enjoyed the movie

Kelli said...

DPS - Thanks for the "cow" suggestion. Usually, I think if I feel like sneezing I shouldn't fight it. But then there are times that sneezing's inconvenient... like when you're in class or driving (that's the worst!)... I'll definitly be trying the cow trick then.

Jared Cramer said...

yeah, sneezing while driving can be a terrifying experience!

Jessica said...

Sneezing while driving used to be my biggest fear (back when my driver's license was a new thing in my life). Then, one day, it happened...and I didn't end up in the ditch.

Fear conquered.

As to my "works-every-time" hiccup cure, it is the following:

Drink from the opposite side of a glass. That's hard to explain with words, demonstration is better. I mean, instead of pouring water down your throat from the side of the glass closest to you, do it from the side of the glass farthest from you (without turning it to make it the near side). This requires you to bend slightly forward and have the water run down the roof of your mouth rather than the usual path over your tongue.

Supposedly, the scientific explanation is that hiccups are due to your diaphragm being out of sync with your lungs...and somehow drinking water while bending slightly forward (thus compressing the diaphragm) re-syncs the two.

I don't know if that's really why it works...or if it's just that it's a complex process and so you get distracte from your hiccupping. Or, if it works because (if done incorrectly), you can end up spraying a whole lot of water out of your nose and have everyone around laughing at you. Sure, it's not pretty to do that and it hurts a bit...but just give it a try..once you've recovered from your embarassment and from the stinging of your nasal cavities, you'll notice that the hiccups have magically disappeared.

Okay, that was longer than I intended it to be.(=