03 February 2006

News Flash!

This just in: I am not invincible. There's nothing like germs to teach you just how fragile you really are. This week microorganisms invaded and claimed my respiratory system as their new homeland. I think they're feeling pretty patriotic right now. I tried going in to work this morning only to have a very pathetic coughing fit, including uncontrollable eye-watering, in the middle of a meeting with my supervisor. He sent me home after the meeting. Angel.

I spent the next 5 hours sleeping like a baby. It's been the most relaxing day of my week! Hmm, there must be something wrong with my schedule if the only time I get to simply be is when I can't string three words together without hacking up a lung. Health and a sane lifestyle are not overrated!

So, I'll be taking it easy this weekend trying to eradicate the "squatters." Isn't it strange that if you want to beat an infection the best thing to do is simply be still? How many other battles do we fight by surrendering? I can think of a few...

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