23 December 2005


This morning I awoke to the sound of my parents twittering and giggling back and forth. Is there any sound more lovely than that? Here they are in their 32nd year of marriage and they’re still as flirtatious, teasing, and affectionate as they were in their first. (Well, I assume – I wasn’t around then!) Today Mom blithely told me that it just gets better the longer they’re together. Another lovely thing: to be married for three decades and still be a hopeless romantic about it! And still be playing tug of war with the covers (which I found out later was the reason for all the giggling).

That’s not to say that they don’t face any hardships in their life together – they face difficulties far more serious than stealing the covers! But they’ve discovered that sticking it out together is far better than throwing in the towel. Perhaps it’s their persistent joy and love in the midst of difficulty that truly makes their marriage a beautiful thing. You might even say that it’s foretaste of something even better to come.

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Amber Joy said...

Look at YOU! You little BLOGGER!!

You're right. It's absolutely wonderful.