24 December 2005

Christmas is coming soon!

This is a story that my friend Tefy told me yesterday, and since it’s Christmas Eve, it seems like a great time to relay it.

Tefy and a friend recently decided a trip down memory lane and went roller skating at a nearby skating rink. After a few shaky laps, they started getting the hang of it and were soon zooming around the rink. Before long, Tefy was going a little too fast around a curve, lost control, and bit the dust. As she was collecting herself to attempt to stand, a little girl who was probably about 6 years old sped over and knelt down next to her. Taking Tefy’s hand, she fixed a concerned look on her face and asked, “Are you all right?” As Tefy assured her that she was just fine, the little girl patted her hand as if to soothe her, and then she asked if she could help her up. Tefy, surprised by the depth of the girl’s concern, said, “You are such a nice little girl!” The girl’s eyes brightened and she gave a big, toothy grin as she replied, “Well, you know, Christmas will be here soon!”

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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