10 October 2009

Oxford: A Concise Photo Tour

Hi!  I've been settling into life in Oxford for about a week and a half now.   Our meteoric term begins on Monday, so, as you might imagine, I'm unlikely to produce any substantial thoughts here in the next couple of months.  I've been putting off blogging until I had an acceptable cache of photos to share.  Yesterday was beautiful and sunny, so I wandered around shamelessly taking pictures of anything that simultaneously caught the light and my eye.  (Disclaimer: I have no idea what formatting will show up on Facebook.  If it's horrendous, click "Original Post" at the bottom.)  So, here's a little taste of what I've been encountering day to day.

The Historic 
(The Saxon Tower)

The Iconic 
(Radcliffe Camera)

The Monumental 
(Commemorating the "Oxford Martyrs")

The Terrifying 
("The Grey Book" describing course examinations for this year.
It's two inches thick.  Fortunately, only 2 pages apply to my course!)

The Optimistic 
(Very much needed after the Grey Book!)

The Autumnal 

The Pretentious

The Melodramatic

The Inviting

The (as yet) Unexplored

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  There's more to come... sometime.


Tera said...

"The Unexplored" looks to me like something we explored a couple of years ago in dress shoes! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures whenever you have the time to post.

Janet's Journey said...

Beautiful pictures. I am just a little jealous. Have a great semester.

The Driskells said...

LOVED all your titles for each picture. You hit the nail on the head with each one! Great pics!

Mike and Amy said...

Awesome! looking forward to more!

Amber Joy said...

Thanks for these, Kelli. It's nice to know you'll always having something to look at when you're NOT studying.
Right. When?

Garrett said...

hello kells! i loved the pics... made me miss that "home" of mine...
and yes, we will be in DFW between 17-19 of Dec! let's meet up! i'd love to see you and hear your stories and give you (and receive) a giant kelli hug!

mad4books said...

Oh...fantastic post. Great pics!

And speaking of POSTS...[in my best Dickensian orphan voice] "Please, ma'am, may we 'ave some more?"

Amber Joy said...

... Checking back daily for Part II, Kelli.
Miss you tons!