09 January 2009

A Little Forced...

It's been a long while. I haven't really relished the thought of blogging for a few months - I've sort of been on autopilot. And this probably wouldn't be my favorite way to begin a blogging "come back", but my friend Amy tagged me, and I've decided to cooperate... mostly. :)

4 Things I did yesterday:
1. Ate breakfast and played Settlers of Catan with Shannon and Caryn. (That was yesterday, wasn't it?)
2. Walked to Peet's Coffee to work on syllabi, and found 15 cents on my way (6 coins in different places)! That's 10% of the price of my coffee!
3. Ate dinner with my roommates: a fantastic salad and a glass of red wine. In my mind I call these "kitchen sink salads" because we throw in anything that seems even remotely salad-friendly, and they're always yummy!
4. Watched Clue with roomies Kaylynn and Olivia.

4 Things on my Wish List:
1. Being accepted to a Ph. D. program for the fall.
2. Going hiking as often as possible in the next 8 months.
3. Having a successful last semester of teaching at McMurry University.
4. Learning to play an instrument: maybe the piano or the mandolin?

4 Restaurants I like:
1. Jason's Deli (I love their tomato soup and chicken panini)
2. Sharky's Burritos ("Cilantro, please!")
3. Abuelo's (if only because of the flan)
4. I actually try not to eat out that much... one of my favorite meals is homemade pizza.

4 TV shows I like:
1. The Office
2. Heroes (but I haven't seen any of this season's episodes)
3. 30 Rock (more or less because it's on after The Office)
4. Otherwise I'd rather read a book or watch a movie. But I think I'd really like The Vicar of Dibley - it's on my Netflix cue.

4 People I tag:
Well... my cooperation has its limits. I hate tagging people. (Yes, I'm that person who always broke the chain letter.)


deanna said...

KELLI! I WANT TO GO HIKING! I always want to go but never want to go alone. Seriously! Even if it is just Abilene State Park. Lets go asap please!
-Roomie D

Kasey Lane McCollum said...

What PhD programs are you applying to?

The Driskells said...

You did a great job "mostly" cooperating! Glad you finally put a post up, and I'm also thankful that you didn't tag anyone! I'm one of those chain breakers too. : )

mad4books said...

Hey, if y'all go hiking and need a chaperone to bring up the rear, invite THIS old lady!

Abilene State Park is the only reason I survived ACU...

P.S. Oh, and since you mentioned salad and Jason's, I have to tell you that my dinner last night was a take-out salad from Jason's...the best salad bar in town now that Green Jeans is no more. It's almost $8, but it's enough for two!

Justin said...

Is Settlers of Catan a board game, or a computer game?

Story of a Girl said...

hello. hope you are well. came across your blog and found your "about me" section to be very nice:) so i thought i'd leave a comment.

Caryn said...

I sure do like breakfast, Settlers of Catan, you, and Shannon! whoop whoop!