22 September 2008

My Office

For those of you who don't know, I'm teaching religion courses at a local college right now. It's my first "real job" - I don't get paid very much, but I do get benefits and don't have any other jobs on the side, so it feels pretty cushy. They even gave me an office. I'm not much of a decorator - the most distinctive feature of my office is... piles of papers on every flat surface. (All of my current and former roommates now sigh, "Big surprise!") But I do have an original Amber Lee piece on the wall and a coffee pot. That's enough to make it feel homey.

The only problem is one over which I have no control: the air conditioning. Based on how cold my work space is, I'd have to say that the thermostat is set on "arctic." The first week of work, I went out and bought a sweater to keep in here. Last week, I finally gave in and brought a crocheted blanket from home that I shamelessly wrap myself in during office hours. When it's my lunch break, I put on the sweater and go to the park - there I remember what it feels like to be warm, even - *gasp - hot! Then I go back to my office and freeze again. (Maybe this is why I've been sick recently...)

Last week we had a cooler spell - for several days in a row we had pleasantly mild temperatures. Thursday I arrived early to school to put finishing touches on my lesson plan and prepare my mind for class. I was shocked to discover that my office was a bearable temperature! The classroom was a little warm, but during office hours later that day I didn't even need my blanket! "This is more like it!" I thought to myself. I was hoping that the change in temperature outside had influenced the powers that be to be a little more reasonable about the thermostat settings. I was so excited.

Then I went to a meeting. They apologized for the heat in the room. It turns out that my office was a tolerable temperature because the air conditioning in the whole building was broken! Boo!

We're back to "arctic" again this week.


mad4books said...

You could always put on a few pounds...I don't ever feel "arctic" anymore!


P.S. Thanks for doing the bulletin. I had a BLAST in Austin!!!

Caryn said...

hmm... I think this is a universal university problem. Why do they think that students/professors prefer arctic classrooms? It definitely does NOT encourage brain activity.

Amber Joy said...

Glad to hear from you, Kelli! Which Amber painting do you have? I just purchased four more from her myself. LOVE them.
But not as much as I love YOU!

Mike and Amy said...

Kettle Corn,
I miss ya so much! I have to say that cold is better than hot - at least you arent sweaty and smelly after your office hours. hahaha. You should get a little floor heater :)

Justin said...

Sorry to hear about the climate control issues. On the positive side, the opportunity to stoically endure dangerous shifts of body temperature furthers your emulation of the medieval Celtic mystics, right?