06 July 2008

Q & A

Q: Is it possible to "grow thicker skin" and maintain a healthy amount of sensitivity?

A: ??? (Anyone?!)

Or maybe the bumps and bruises along the way are a part of the way of the cross - not to be avoided (though perhaps not to be sought after either) but rather accepted as an integral part of Christian discipleship. (It's just hard to take knocks from the devout person sitting next to me in the pew.) I have this gut feeling that this is only the beginning, and that these little blows can teach me to endure opposition without losing hope for the church or failing in love for my well-meaning brother or sister.


dps said...

It is so very hard to seek out communal discernment, maintain healthy praxis, and keep one's self from carving God in stone when the majority of those around us are not. I am finding it pretty difficult to extend grace towards myself, especially when whatever reserve I may have is typically given to those around me - thus making it pretty difficult to believe that whatever I may be doing or choosing is the best or right thing.

I believe we fail each other and the example of Christ when we or others become vulnerable in the midst of relationships or community and vulnerability is not given in return immersed in grace and love.

See you soon...

Amber Joy said...

I've pondered your question myself in relation to nursing. Can I grow thick enough skin to let the surgeon's comments roll off my shoulder while remaining sensitive to my patients and their families?
Yah, still working on that.

jana said...

I'm just curious as to the rest of the story.