14 April 2008

a good change

Where once there was this:

...Now there is this:

The leathery, dessicated catfish heads - a rather nauseating emblem of death, if you ask me - have been exchanged for a hanging pot of vivacious (albeit wind-tossed) ivy. It's a good change!


Amber Joy said...

Things on the homefront are looking much improved.
Have they sold that house yet?

Candace said...

If you ask me, it looks like the whole area has been revivified. ;)

Kelli said...

AJ - I think so. I've noticed some activity when I zip by - like someone's gradually moving in.

C - O ye of little hymenutha!

Caryn said...

That's quite an improvement!

dps said...

Did any of you ever consider that it takes five catfish heads to make one potted plant? Yet another mystery of our universe. I hear that beyond our universe it takes up to eight catfish heads to make a tulip bulb.