10 March 2008


Last week I took pictures of the flowers blooming in my yard - Amber planted them at least a year and a half ago, but she's not around to enjoy the product of her labors. So, here you go, Amber. Thanks for the springtime flowers!

The plum tree also began to blossom... a week before it snowed twice. It has bad timing - I feel an odd kinship with that pathetic little tree. I didn't get a good shot of it, so you'll be spared the floral pictures.

Last Thursday it snowed enough between the time I got up and when I was leaving to give my class their midterm that the street in front of my house was covered by an inch of snow. It was perilous! I pulled out of my driveway and cautiously headed down my windy street only to discover that I wasn't being nearly cautious enough! I hit the first curve a little too fast and found my car sliding out of control toward a neighbor's mailbox. I hit the brakes - that did no good. I sucked in my breath, bit my lip, and tried in vain to regain control as I watched the mailbox slip closer and closer toward my window and side mirror. The car stopped sliding inches from the mailbox. On my way home from school that afternoon, I took a look at the tire marks in the snow - it was sooooo close!! (I think I'll continue trying to live in minimally snowy areas, for the safety of everyone!)

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Caryn said...

Yikes! I'm glad that you're safe, that the mailbox is still standing, and that your flowers are blooming!