04 February 2008

Fun in Syriac

I've decided to pursue a Ph. D. sometime in the next couple of years, so I'm auditing a couple of language classes. I'm trying to do a little leveling in German, and exploring a probable field of study in classical Syriac. (German is grunt-work, Syriac is groovy, both are guttural.) The following words were exchanged this morning while we took turns translating sentences from our Syriac primer:

Hesitant student: "I know what I want it to say..."

Dr. Childers: "I've met people in churches like you."

(I giggled and scribbled it in the margins of my notebook.)


Kasey Lane McCollum said...

Classic Childers wit. Boy do I miss that. I miss being the butt of his jokes and already laughing out loud before realizing he was making fun of me. Classic I say. Classic. Miss ya Kelli.

Tera said...

I agree with kasey--that is classic and it makes me miss you and Abilene. Where are you thinking of applying (or have you gotten that far)? We need to chat.

Amber Joy said...

LOVE it!