16 January 2008

An exchange from work

I've been working at a locally owned coffee shop, Tuscany's ("tus-CAH-nees" is how my employers insist we pronounce it), since October. The following is by far my funniest exchange with a customer to date:

A teenage boy walks up to the register, his buddies in tow, and orders an artsy coffee drink (we do pretty coffee drinks - it's all about presentation). I take his order, ring it up, and as he digs out some change, I write down his description so we can bring his drink to him when it's ready. When I look up, he's peering down at my messy, slanted script.

"Boy in green t-shirt?" he asks. "I thought you'd just need to write, 'Handsome.'"

Grinning mischievously, I reply, "Yeah, but I want them to be able to find you." (It was just too good to pass up. Kelli with the zinger! That hardly ever happens!)

His buddies yell, "OOOOOOOooooo, she got you!" (I believe high fives were exchanged.) While they're ordering their own artsy coffee drinks, boy-in-the-green-shirt won't leave me alone about his description.

"I'll tell you what," I finally say, "I'll put 'handsome' in quotation marks just to make you feel a little better." He assents and walks away with his buddies.

About 5 minutes pass, and I'm busy washing dishes (we do a lot of that) when my boss walks up to me with a drink in hand and says, "I can't find the guy on this ticket. Who's 'handsome'?"


Amber Joy said...

I am literally rolling on the floor laughing!
Teenage boys - there's nothing quite like 'em!

Kelli said...

Literally? You should post a sequence of pictures of that on your blog with your cool picture scrolling thing!!