04 May 2007

So that paper didn't turn out quite as well as I might have liked... but I just turned it in anyway (5 minutes ago), and it feels nice to finally have a chance to take a breath without unfinished assignments looming over head. Besides, I got to read some patristic writers, and I always enjoy that. Here's a statement from Clement of Alexandria that I keep thinking about:

Now the Scripture kindles the living spark of the soul, and directs the eye suitably for contemplation; perchance inserting something, as the husbandman when he ingrafts, but, according to the opinion of the divine apostle, exciting what is in the soul. (Stromata, Book 1, Chapter 1)

Mmm - savor that! "Scripture kindles the living spark of the soul." I read Clement and I think to myself, "I want to read Scripture with that kind of passion." Perhaps I'll sit at the feet of the fathers this summer... Book of Steps here I come!

But first, it's time for a little recreation... I think I'll go see a musical tonight. Maybe Wicked?!


brandon said...

the quote by clement of alexandria is definitely interesting. i don't seem to stumble across many twenty-somethings that also enjoy reading patristic writing like i do. guess i've found someone's blog who does.


Katherine said...

I sure hope you did not go see Wicked without me!!! I have been dying to see that! ;)

So, get this...someone found my blog by searching for "weddings" Kelli Bryant-isn't that great?!

Love you~

Kelli said...

Brandon - always nice to make a new friend! Especially another 20-something with a love for patristics!

Kat - Wow - that is one seriously bizarre search item... considering that I'm not anywhere near getting married. However, I do get to perform a ceremony this summer! Woohoo!

Wicked was awesome - next time, you've got to go!