28 October 2006

So, I'm not much of a photographer, but sometimes I give it a shot anyway. Like tonight - I saw this lovely play of late afternoon light across my living room wall, and I just had try to capture it. Now, I know my artistic friends are rolling their eyes at me. But I am confident that they'll love me even at my most mediocre moments, so here's my favorite picture of the afternoon:

This artwork is a print of Bonnie Buchanan's painting "The Joy of Solitude." A graceful, lone bird lifts its head into a beam of light in the midst of encroaching, threating shadows. (I love this piece. You get the sense that the bird's not so alone after all.) In the glorious afternoon sunlight, this painting reflects the surroundings of the room: the front door, a floor lamp, and the southern windows of our home. I found this striking today, and wanted to share it with you even though the picture doesn't do it justice.


Does it crack anybody else up when Donald calls the M. Div. degree a "Master in Division"? It makes me laugh every time! (Maybe that's why he doesn't mind hanging out with me!)

**Correction: DPS informs me that he cannot be credited with coining "Master in Division." That distinction belongs solely to David "Thunder Chunk"/"the Taylorizer" Taylor. Those boys on Washington Blvd. - they repeat each other over and over, so it's hard to keep it all straight!


Amber Lee said...

Kelli, I love this shot! It illustrates how art can be modified and interpreted in various ways. I like how you have responded to Bonnie's painting by making an artistic statement yourself. :)

Donald Philip Simpson said...

Well, you are always welcome to hang out with DPS.

Also, I stole the whole Master of Division from David "Thunder Chunk" Taylor... So yes, it is a Taylorism.

David Taylor said...

Maybe David "the Taylorizer" Taylor would be more appropriate.

Donald Philip Simpson said...