19 October 2006

Show and Tell

There are several things that I've seen this week that I want to share with everyone:

First of all, for a brief three days, the monarch butterflies hovered in our yard during their annual migration. It's nice, just for a few days, to be greeted by clouds of excitable butterflies when you walk through the yard!

On my way to capture the monarchs in action, I ran across my cat. You can see that she likes morning about as much as I do:

Finally, as if I needed more evidence that my roommate is the epitome of forbearance, check out what I left in the fridge for way too long:

(It used to be rice. Ick.)


Today in chapel we sang songs from the Taize community. Since the Taize spirit is in the air, I thought I'd share a quote from Brother Roger's book of meditations, Peace of Heart in All Things.

Every human being yearns to be loved as well as to love. It is not for nothing that the Gospel alerts us about not becoming locked up in isolation.

When we are listened to, obstacles created by frustrations of the heart and wounds from a recent or distant past fall away. Being listened to is the beginning of a healing of the soul.

And the breath of a trust arises... and a gateway to freedom begins to open up.


Donald Philip Simpson said...

The third picture sort of looks like you ran the first two pictures through a blender... :(

Thanks again to you and Amber Joy or being such excellent hosts last weekend... :)

Donald Philip Simpson said...

Looking forward to this evening as well :)