18 September 2006

As I was writing about such elevated topics as hope and bold action, I wandered into the kitchen to brew some more coffee and found this on the pantry door:

Now, my roommate thinks it's creepy, and I have to admit that I'm not fond of mayflies much myself. These tenacious little creatures get stuck in my hair while I'm walking across the lawn - they can cling to a windshield for a long time, even at high speeds. (Just trust me on that one.) But something about this struck me as beautiful. Leaving behind its old shell of grey skin, the mayfly emerged bright yellow, spreading its wings to embrace new stages of life. Even the short lifespan of such a simple creature has its remarkably hopeful moments. Isn't the world wonderful?! It's at least as marvelous as it is, well, terrifying. But I have this crazy belief that the terrifying parts of our world will pass away... that maybe all creation is preparing to shed its old, grey skin and emerge fresh and new. That's the kind of vision I want to make real in some small, tangible way in my own life, in our community. Anyone else in?


Donald Philip Simpson said...

Do the Mayflies know that it is September?

Shellie said...

As much as I hate bugs, I think its an awesome pic, Kelli! Way to go!