18 July 2006

Live from Israel...

Amber Joy and I have been having a blast in Israel (not literally, fortunately!). Our travels were a little hampered by the outbreak of war, but we've been able to steer clear of any harm... God has certainly been watching over us.

Now that I'm writing a blog about this trip, I just don't know where to begin. There are so many things I'd like to say, inadequate words for it, and definitely not enough time left on this computer in the internet cafe. So... next time you see me, I'll just have pictures ready to go and plenty of stories to go along with them. I might even be able to put some words on paper in the weeks after we return!

In the meantime, may God's love be with you!


Donald Philip Simpson said...

Great to hear from you and thanks for the email... I'll see you soon - Blessings, dps

David Taylor said...

good to hear ya'll are doing well and having a good time in Israel