18 February 2006


Thursday afternoon my sister, Janis, send me a few pictures of her nursery. This one's my favorite: a pictoral family tree. The lighter colored frames on the left hold pictures of Brian's family and those medium colored frames on the right display pictures of our side of the family.

See that darker frame at the bottom that still has the photo that came in it? It's the reason why this picture is my favorite. To me, it illustrates that joyful anticipation that we're caught up in together as we prepare a space in our world for a new life. In about a month, give or take a few days, we'll take out that silly picture of strangers and replace it with one of newborn Quint Owen. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Insert Kelli's next blog topic here:
Interesting things I saw over Christmas break. :) Yay for mullets!
Allison says hi!

Kay Bryant said...

I haven't opened my pictures yet, so I was delighted to see yours. I am anxiously awaiting Quint, too, but I'm praying that he'll have plenty of "cooking" time. I love you! Mom

Kelli said...

Mom - glad to see that you can comment now! Yeah, I wrote this post before we talked on Saturday. Just wait a couple more weeks, little buddy!

Amber Joy said...

I am so excited for all of you!
And what's up with all these comments? Who knew anybody else even reads your blog?!